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    Tooling & Die Philosophy

    As practitioners in a specialized, highly competitive field, our ability to provide customers with expert counsel in metalworking and fabrication techniques is an essential part of our service.

    We assume the responsibility for tool and die design and maintenance, using the finest precision die sets and high carbon/high chrome or carbide tooling. Die parts are oversized for long life. Items that are inherently fragile are duplicated for rapid replacement in the event of breakage.

    At NEWCAN, your requirements start in our Engineering Department where the tooling is designed and programmed on CAD/CAM and then transferred to one of our machining centers for fast, precise production of the tooling components.

    NEWCAN customers want assured delivery - not explanations of tooling failures. CNC-controlled machining centers and electrical discharge machines guarantee performance and service, as well as exact duplication of critical tooling. A preventive maintenance program and precision grinding keeps tooling in optimum condition.

    Our customers receive the priority that they deserve, regardless of their order size. We react quickly to expand our capabilities to meet customers’ growing volume.